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“Give young people a hut and they'll make boards out of it.
Give young people boards and they'll make a hut out of it." - Saying

"Die einzig wahrhafte Kraft gegen das Prinzip von Auschwitz wäre Autonomie, die Kraft zur Reflexion, zur Selbstbestimmung, zum Nicht-Mitmachen."" T.W.Adorno

Building democracy

How can we catalyze democratic dialogue?

Integration through interaction

How can we transform from mere consumers of politics to active citizens? How can we encourage ourselves to participate and contribute to democratic discussions? And how can we give young people a sense of being able to make a difference?
Democracy is best understood by practicing it. We want to empower through practical education, fuel autonomy through autoconstruction and practice the practical skills of compromising, cooperating and communication inside a set frame of democratic rules.

This is the basis of our democracy building workshop format.
If you are interested in supporting our engagement for democracy, please write to

co construction of a tiny house in Berlin